Dark skin can be caused by over exposure to sun,every day pollution and sometimes stress.However, tanning can be reversed and skin whitening can be achieved.White skin is a feature that everyone would love to have.You would rarely find anyone saying ‘ I don’t need a white skin’.The good thing about white skin is that it can be achieved.

Skin whitening is a situation broken for the process of visible light skin tone.Refined and unblemished looking is the feeling of all individual existence.In particular women hope for beautiful skin but approximately everybody is having the skin problem at some point in their.

What causes Skin to turn Black?

Most of these skin problems are generally caused by a genetic method or also caused by excessive exposure to sun and contamination Black skin is the effect on accretion of melanin, the pigment that provides skin too dim.


This pigment also protects you from ultraviolet radiation which can cause shady skin are less disposed to harm from the sun.

How to whiten the skin?

To whiten you skin, the best way is to use home remedies, as it is safe from any side-effects.Given below are top 7 home remedies that can be used to whiten the skin

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Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is one of the best home remedy that works as natural agents.The acid in lemons exfoliates the farthest sheet of skin cells stripping away the surplus ruddiness.

Lemon Juice for skin whitening

There are number of methods by which you can use these natural juices.Add vitamin E or coconut oil in lemon Juice apply to your skin area.This mixture naturally helps to whiten your skin.

Sugar Scrub:

Sugar is an outstanding exfoliative essence mainly used for skin whitening.

Create a paste with olive oil and-sugar and smoothly clean Your skin.If you have receptive skin, reinstate—White sugar with brown sugar.Brown sugar is less likely to aggravate the skin.

Sandalwood Paste:

Sandalwood paste helps whitens the skin

It is an effective skin whitening remedy as it is mainly used in India and other Eastern countries to whiten the skin.

Mix lemon juice in sandalwood-powder and apply the paste to damaged skin.Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes to get better resuIts.

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Milk Bath:

Taking of milk bath is one of the best skins.Milk contains lactic acids which work to shred away external layers of skin


To get benefit of this home skin remedy, Take 1 gallon of milk in your bath and immerse for at least 25 minutes.

Tomato Juice:

Tomato juice is another best natural home remedy which has been used for years to reduce dark spot.

The enzymes and acid in tomatoes have  whitening qualities like lemons.If you want to whiten your skin, slice a tomato in partly and rub it on your skins.


Cucumbers is the best home remedy that has been used for many years in beauty treatment.


Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties which formulates it the great vegetable for easing skin exasperation. Apply the slices of cucumber in affected area for 10 to 15 minutes to whiten your skin.

Egg Mask:

Eggs are exceptional sources of Sulphur, vitamin, protein that help to whiten your skin.

Add l egg in oatmeal and a slight bit of lemon juice.Apply this paste on your skin for 15 minutes to whiten your skin.


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