Pitch Perfect’s main actress, Rebel Wilson, has taken the internet by storm with her Before and after Weight loss photos. She has become role model for her fans who are looking to shed weight.

Known for her role as ‘Fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect, Rebel is now sporting a much slimmer figure after her weight loss transformation began earlier this year.
And according to Woman’s Day magazine, the 36-year-old Australian A-lister has shed almost 15kgs.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss


There is lot of curiosity among her fans as to how this amazing lady managed to accomplish her weight loss.

Rebel Wilson was popularly known for her role in Pitch Perfect and mainly recognized for her bigger size among all the girls cased in the movie.

The talented actress is widely popular for her quirky sense of humor, offbeat comic timing, of course her larger frame.

Now that Rebel is 36 years old, she has put a huge importance on her health and has lost close to 35 total lbs. in 2016!


Many of her fans claim that she tried weight loss program such as this to burn the stubborn body fat. Reports claim that lot of people has opted the mentioned weight loss program and noticed the amazing results.

Truth be told, Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Journey has inspired many people, who once thought that weight loss is not there cup of tea. She has also sent out a message that nothing is impossible with guts and courage and one should have right approach and never give up attitude.

She recently took to Instagram and posted the below Video.


She has surely come a long way, as her appearance is totally different from her previous red carpet look back in 2013.

Talking about her being overweight, Rebel Wilson also called herself “Fugly Duckling” as she joined Jenny Craig.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

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