Belly fat has become so common these days that it exist among people of all age groups; be it a teenager, middle aged man or woman or an elderly. The prevalence of belly fat is due to dramatic change in our life styles towards laziness and thanks to the the kind of diet(Pizza’s, burgers etc) we consume these days.

In medical terms belly fat is termed as Abdominal obesity. Belly fat is nothing to joke about. Find out what causes belly fat, the health risks it poses for men and what you can do to lose the extra pounds.

Belly fat is a more dangerous fat:

The trouble with belly fat is that it’s not limited to the extra layer of padding located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat). It also includes visceral fat — which lies deep inside your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs.(1)

Regardless of your overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat increases your risk

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
  3. Colorectal cancer
  4. Sleep apnea
  5. Premature death from any cause
  6. High blood pressure

 This is How You Can Lose Belly Fat at Home:

Diet plays a very important role in reducing belly fat, Studies have shown that intake of below diet is helpful in losing belly fat.

 Protein-Rich Diet:

Intake of diet which is high in protein can play a major role and greatly helps in reducing belly fat.


It also helps in building Muscles and bones and reducing joint pains.

One study showed that the amount and quality of protein consumed was inversely related to fat in the belly. That is, people who ate more and better protein had much less belly fat.

Protein rich diet makes you feel full for long time and burns the fat accumulated in the abdomen and use it as energy.

In Short, make a conscious effort to take protein-rich diet more.

Sources of Protein: Eggs,chicken,fish, seafood, legumes, nuts, meat, dairy products and some whole grains. These are the best protein sources in the diet.

 Fiber-Rich Food:

Multiple studies have shown that fiber rich diet helps in reducing belly fat.It’s a carbohydrate found in plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Unlike other carbs, it isn’t easily digested by your body, so it passes quickly through your system without causing your blood sugar to rise.

A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that something as simple as aiming to eat 30 grams of fiber each day can help you lose weight and belly fat, lower your blood pressure, and improve your body’s response to insulin just as effectively as a more complicated diet – Source

Sources of Fiber: The best way to get more fiber is to eat a lot of plant foods like vegetables and fruit. Legumes are also a good source, as well as some cereals like oats.

Cut carbs from your diet:

Taking less carbohydrates helps in reducing weight loss and losing belly fat.Many people have reported that their belly fat to be reduceing when they started taking less carbohydrates in their diet.

When we take less carbs body goes into the state of ketosis where it burns fat for energy, hence reducing belly fat.


Ketosis is a digestive or metabolic process that takes place inside the body when body doesn’t get the required glucose to make energy.

In this condition, body breaks down the fats that are stored, resulting in development of acids known as ketones within the body, this reduces the fat around the waist and hence reducing belly fat.

Apart from burning belly fat, low-carb diet proved to be life-saving for people with Diabetes 2.

Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Drinks:

Added sugar is very unhealthy!

Sugar-Sweetened drinks contain added sugar, which doesn’t get digested and therefore starts accumulating on the liver increasing  belly fat.


Many people take sugar-sweetened drinks with the perception that it aids in metabolism but that is completely wrong.

Studies show that it has uniquely harmful effects on metabolic health.

So take a strong decision to avoid added-sugar drinks if you want your dream of flat stomach to come true. (2)

Consume Probiotics:

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have health benefits when eaten
They are found in both supplements and fermented foods.

Probiotics may improve digestive health, heart health and immune function, to name a few
Several studies also suggest that probiotics can help you lose weight and belly fat. Source

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